Tuesday, July 12, 2011

OCP Web Cam Up & Running on Web Site

Ocean Crest Pier
Pier Cam Live
We are happy to inform you all that the OCP Web Cam is up-and-running. Finally! And it was worth the wait. Now everyone can check their  favorite fishing spot, view wind direction(via flag), see who's on the pier, check out the local action, see what's biting, and view the waves. 
Some browsers & systems may require you to first install the ActiveX Plugin before viewing  camera for the first time. Then you proceed to view the pier with two options. You have the option of clicking on Stream 1 or 2(these are same) for Real Time Streaming Protocol, or clicking on M-JPEG for frame-by-frame still shots. Please be patient with us on the load and refresh rates as we are   testing out the bandwidth to see its affects on your viewing quality. If you have any questions or comments concerning OCP Web Cam, PLEASE REFER THEM TO: Jaymie Christine.