Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome to the new official blog of Ocean Crest Pier!

Welcome All Locals, Anglers, and Visitors
Holy Mackerel!
Ocean Crest Pier, located in Oak Island-- home to the King Mackerel and Loggerhead Turtle, welcomes you to Fish Tales, our new community blog about pier happenings, tournaments, “what’s biting”, and holy mackerel!, “biggest Catch of the day!

About Fish Tales
Our main focus is providing our locals and visitors an online community where they can share up-to-date fishing news and personal experiences; get valuable information, tips, and find out what’s biting, what’s not! We encourage community involvement, and look forward to reading your incredible fish tales of the 2011 season.

We plan to blog weekly to keep you informed of any pier changes, updates, and additions to the pier including hours of operation, fees, and detailed information on fishing events like our upcoming: 

Upcoming Tournament
REBEL KING PIER TOURNAMENT May 6-8, 2011. Get rigged up and test your skills as OCP kicks off the season with the fight to conquer the Rebel, in our King Mackerel, CASH GUARANTEED, 50-30-20 cash payout tournament. --Registration fee $50
Date & Times:
Friday, May 06 from 6am - 5pm
Sat., May 07 from 6am – 5pm
Sun., May 08 from 6am – 2pm
For more information contact:
Vance Courson, Pier Manager
1405 Beach Dr. Oak Island, NC 28465
(910) 278-6674
We hope you enjoyed this introduction to the Ocean Crest Pier Blog. In our sidebar, you'll find a way to subscribe to our blog, which will deliver new postings directly to your e-mail. Or you can bookmark our page for easy retrieval. So tackle up, and click the comment button below, and tell us what you think!--Stay tuned for our next post, which will introduce you to the pier’s new management.


  1. Looking forward to a good fishing season this year at Ocean Crest Pier.

  2. Thank's everyone for your help and support I know we are going to have the the best season yet.
    Hope to see everyone Saturday:)

  3. Can't wait for the season to start!! OCP is calling my name:)

  4. I hear that the pier is under new management. Does anyone have details of who bought it?

  5. FYI: Just to clear the ocean waves, OCP has not been sold. The Andrews & Prince Families still own and operate it. It is being managed by Vance Courson. If you have any additional questions please call Vance or Sweet-Pea at 910-278-6674.
    Thank you for expressing your concerns.

  6. Ron is looking forward to seeing friends and more fishing on OCP.

  7. Kiss my Godfather for me, Ron Rhodes..... When can I come out for some rad fishing?
    Thinking August, September>

  8. I really like the new website to me though theres something that I would like to see. A photo gallery of the pictures not just posts and whats being caught daily. Like on 5/14/11 there were 40 chopper blues and a 35 lb king caught that I was told but havent seen that up yet. That would be great for the business. But no matter I will always go to OCP best pier around.
    Jimmy Ezzell

  9. coming next month early. poles are already packed on truck.

  10. Rocky will be down the end of July